The WIT2S Story

When I started in sales everything seemed so easy and felt so natural. Working in a fast moving consumables industry I quickly progressed from internal sales to external salesperson and then sales manager.  In doing so I neither studied nor committed to developing myself for progression in my chosen profession.  I was just good at it and I enjoyed it.


Then a fantastic thing happened to me. I was head hunted and offered a job selling capital equipment which gave me the opportunity to earn more money and have a better life style.  Naturally I took it … and then struggled in a way I wasn’t expecting.  Over a period of months my self-confidence waned and a state of almost desperation replaced my usual ebullience and optimism.  I also forgot to enjoy it and started to question myself about all sorts of things.


Seeing I was struggling my M.D. (a former salesperson) invited me to join him on a sales call he had been working on. I went with him; sat, listened and watched what both my M.D. and the prospect said and did.  The call was a good one … as was the result with the meeting concluding with the prospect agreeing to place the order with our company.  Most striking though was just how easy he made it look.


The call was just the tonic I had needed because ininspiration playing it back in my mind time and time again after the call I decided that whilst my MD had said nothing I wouldn’t have or couldn’t have said, he said it all differently. At that time, without my knowing it I had become interested in the mechanics of selling and over the years since that interest has only increased.


As I Learnt It … I Wrote It


lever arch foldersStarting with the things I had picked up in that call every time I did, saw, heard or experienced anything effective I wrote it down and set about working on understanding not only what had worked, but why it had. A few pieces of paper quickly became a folder and eventually a folder became several lever arch files stuffed with tips, tools, techniques and disciplines of the most successful people and selling skills I had the pleasure of studying.  Each had been dissected, modelled and tested to prove that it would work for me, as they will for anyone else willing to apply them correctly (as I have proved over time with thousands of salespeople, sales teams and companies alike).


Today the contents of those lever arch files (and much more besides) form the basis of everything in the WIT2S in Selling modules and program.  I trust you’ll enjoy all of the posts in this blog.


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Wishing you every success in all you do!