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“If you you’re so interested in doing business with me, why do you insist on talking about yourself?”

There’s an adage in selling that says, “People are interested in people who are interested in them”. And so it is with prospects; it’s a basic of selling.

Many salespeople seem to forget this though and spend the first period of a sales conversation with a prospect talking about themselves, their company and their product/service. In some cases they mistakenly believe that is what salespeople should do; in others it is because they don’t feel it is right to ask for someone’s time and then to go and ask questions. The truth is that only poor salespeople go and do all of the talking, whereas by asking questions of the prospect they would be engaging in that basic of selling, as questions show that we’re interested. Continue reading

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The Only 2 Questions You Need to Answer to be More Successful at Anything

Whatever you do, if you want to be more successful there are 2 important questions to ask yourself. They immediately help us focus our efforts and energy as well as encouraging us to keep on improving. The 2 questions are: … Continue reading

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Do You See An Opportunity For What It Really Is?

Success in selling often comes down to how observant you are as an individual.  Do you see what is in front of you or rather what you think is in front of you?  Let me explain why this is important. … Continue reading

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Winning With The Personal Touch!

It’s fascinating how in recent years people have become so familiar with communicating via text and email and for many, typed speak is first and even the only choice.  It’s a curious choice though for me when someone is working … Continue reading

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