Wit2S Sales Development Program

Increase Your Sales, Improve Your Profitability and Beat Your Competition 

sales superhero 2 as at 20022018If you own your own business, are responsible for sales, manage a team or just want to increase your own sales results and earnings then the Wit2S sales development program can help.  Comprising of a series of eBook modules Wit2S covers the skills, tools, techniques and disciplines needed to succeed in selling.  Gained from over 25 years of studying, modelling and analysing successful salespeople across a range of industries to uncover their secrets of success, everything in the program works.  I applied it to my own selling career as I strove to be as good as I could be and in the last 15 years it has worked for the salespeople, teams and companies who have applied it.

As such I know it will work for you.  Whether you’re looking to sell more, improve conversion ratios or develop/improve your sales process to raise the standard of all of your team or have a procedure to help induct new recruits there’s something for everyone.

It is said there are 3 types of people according to the old cliche. These are:

  • those that make things happen (the 1 who acted in the scenario above) – invariably these are the most successful in the long run
  • those that watch things happen (can potentially be managed to improve but are likely to need regular if not continuous coaching and encouragement) – limited success potential
  • those that wonder what happened!  (coaching and managing won’t really help unfortunately as ultimately they aren’t particularly interested in anything other than being paid!)

Wit2S jigsaw picture advert as at 23092017If you or members of your team are the type that makes things happen you’ll know there’s always something to be learned and gained and that action and application will deliver results.  If you or members of your team are the type who can be encouraged but you just need pointers /advice about what works my range of eBooks in the Wit2S program will help you improve and develop What it Takes to Succeed in selling.  Each module can stand alone (I.e. Objection Handling) or can be combined to give a 360 degree sales development program.  There is not set order to work through either; you choose where you start and stop.  Where modules are linked you’ll be informed and can choose to get the linked module or not.  You can invest in as many or as few modules as you wish so you are in complete control.  And the module/eBook is with you immediately so you can start on your quest to improve your sales as soon as you choose your subject.  The eBook is downloaded in PDF format so you can choose to work from your device screen or print and keep a copy as you prefer.  Additionally you can invest a skill/discipline at a time giving you the opportunity to understand, assess and improve each area at your own pace.  To see the range visit our eBook module page here.

If you have been selling for some time and/or have members of your team who fall in to the, ‘You can’t teach old dogs new tricks’ category then there is still something to gain from the modules/program.  To understand what you’ll get from them read my blog post There’s Always Something to be Learned in Selling.

Finally as the modules are developed for electronic delivery your investment is minimal; only £3 per module so there really is nothing to lose from taking action and getting started immediately.  That’s the equivalent of giving up a cup of coffee!  Just visit our eBooks page.

I look forward to seeing you on our website, wish you every success and to helping you be all that you can be,