Check out our e-books covering various selling skills.  These can be used and invested in as individual modules to target specific areas of your sales skills or combined to form the complete wit2s sales development program, as you wish.


The 7 Stages of a Sales – how to get from interested to sold 


The 7 Stages of a Sale final image as at 25022017Are you looking to increase your sales results and earnings?  Do you feel capable of more and yet are working hard and just need a break?  Do you find yourself busy all of the time, trapped and unable to find a way to affect your results?  If you answered YES to any of these questions then this ebook is the investment that will increase your earnings and results to the levels you wish to achieve.


Based on more than 25 years of research into what separates the most successful salespeople from the ‘also rans’ Trentham Whitmore details a powerful, simple, effective and easy to follow 7 stage process that is based on how people make buying decisions.  To order this ebook module click here.


Understanding How People Buy 


Understanding How People Buy final image as at 21052017Understanding How People Buy covers the process people go through in selecting which product they will buy when they are faced with alternatives.  It focuses on people’s Criteria For Buying and identifies how Emotional, Rational and Neutral criteria differ in each of us and the power they have in influencing how we deem something will represent value for money.


Trentham Whitmore explains how important it is for a salesperson to understand the process buyers use so they can build their sales skills around it to give themselves more success.  To order this ebook module click here.


How to Prospect Like A Winner


Prospecting final image as at 20052017Do you want to increase your sales and earnings power?  The the need to be proactive and to constantly develop a stream of new business is essential to you.  Do you want more people you contact to agree to see you where currently they raise objections, do you want to find that ‘killer’ hook that grabs your prospects’ interest from the beginning of your contact with them?  Are you often busy and have little time for prospecting … then this ebook is for you.  To order this ebook module click here.


Handling Objections and Helping Customers Choose Us


Handling Objections final image as at 20052017Handling Objections and Helping Customers to Choose Us covers the two different types of objections that appear in the sales process; the ‘Go-Aways’ that occur when prospecting and stop salespeople getting into the sales conversation and the ‘Not-Todays’ that prevent orders being won.


Trentham Whitmore prescribes proven objection handling techniques that the most successful salespeople use to ensure they get into more sales conversations and then close them.  There is also a section of this e-book also dedicated to handling the price objection essential for any salesperson who is up against cheaper competition selling a similar product / service at a lower price.  To order this ebook module click here.


How To Sell Successfully At Your Higher Price 


selling at your higher price final image as at 27052017Are you selling a higher priced product and meeting resistance from prospective customers when it comes to discussing the price?  Are you struggling to get people to commit when they find there are cheaper competitors out there?  Does discussing the price of your product / service fill you with dread or do you struggle with it?


One of the most contentious subjects discussed with salespeople across all industries is price.  If asked the magic question, “What one thing, if it could be different would allow you to sell more?” the vast majority of salespeople will more often than not raise the issue of price.  And not surprisingly, price is virtually always mentioned as a negative, rarely as a positive by most salespeople.


This ebook discusses the myth of price; when to discuss it so it is received positively by your prospects, how to demonstrate that you are offering a return on investment and how to overcome the price objection.   Learn how to avoid the perils of discounting and understand why so many salespeople devalue their own products and services to their own disadvantage.  To order this ebook module click here.


Make Your Own Market – Look For The Future 


make your own market final image as at 22052017Are you tired of your products and services being commoditised and of constantly being subjected to unnecessary stress?  If so this ebook module is for you.  Learn how you can escape the pressures of competition, who can always seem willing and able to undercut your pricing and squeeze your margins.  You’re encouraged to be bold, to be different and see how easy that really is providing you understand what your customers want, as well as helping you realise how you can give it to them.


This module looks at the questions you need to ask to put yourself in an advantageous position both for the individual salesperson and company alike and gives examples of how leading companies have used this to achieve their market dominating positions, as well as taking you through how Trentham has done it himself.  To order this ebook module click here.


Managing Your Territory For Maximum Sales 


managing your territory final image as at 20052017In this module Trentham Whitmore looks at what it takes to manage a territory successfully so you maximise face-to-face and contact time (which is when we sell) and minimise travelling time.


He reveals how successful salespeople have a plan, know where they are going and when and are in control of their time and movements.  Rather than rushing about trying to please all of the people all of the time he shows how successful people plot our their highest value prospects and customers to focus on them and yet still have the ability to react to an opportunity when it arises without having to go off-plan.  To order this ebook module click here.


Questioning Skills


Questioning Skills ebook coverHave you been in a sales conversation and found yourself offering something where your prospect isn’t getting as excited about as you believed they would; for some reason you don’t seem to be hitting the mark?  Would you like to better uncover your prospect’s needs so they want to buy from you rather than you having to sell to them?  Do you want to put daylight between you and your competition so your prospects choose you rather than them more often?


Questions are the best tools any salesperson has. Better than a PowerPoint presentation, better than a company video, literature, samples, etc …  Questions are the best and most important selling skill.  And the good news is that we are all world class at using them … at least we were … and then we lose our ability to uncover everything we need to know as we grew older.  Discover how to stop this being fatal to your chances of being as successful as we wish to be in selling.  To order this ebook module click here.


The Basics of Selling – the golden rules


The Basics of Selling final image as at 21052017Whatever we’re selling, whatever our products / services and industry, whenever we are selling we should always endeavour to recall and abide by certain basic rules which should constantly be in our minds. We should abide by them in all we do and need to constantly be checking how we are doing with regards to these.


Trentham Whitmore expands on a series of 19 golden rules practised by top performing salespeople across a range of industries.  Some are simple and straight forward whilst others are not so obvious.  Yet all make a significant impact on results when they are applied and can lead to disastrous results when they aren’t.  To order this ebook module click here.


The Circle of Influence – the indirect approach


The Circle of InfluenceDo you have a list of prospects that you’d love to sell to?  The big fish that just won’t bite?  The prospects who could make the difference between you missing and smashing your sales targets?  Are there prospects who won’t give you the time of day despite you knowing your products and/or services would be of interest to them, if only they’d see you?  Do you struggle to win enough new business?


The Circle of Influence – the indirect approach focuses on what we can do when a direct approach to a prospect has failed to grab their interest and get them talking to us (even though it is hugely beneficial for them to do so).  Using a powerful, yet subtle psychological persuasion methods Trentham Whitmore shares with us how we can grab a prospect’s attention and interest and get them to take notice of what we have to offer, when they were otherwise disinterested.  To order this ebook module click here.


The Importance of Goal Setting 


the importance of goal setting final image as at 21052017People with clearly identified and defined goals succeed … it’s as simple as that.  In The Importance of Goal Setting Trentham Whitmore explains why most people don’t have clearly identified and defined goals and how you can put that right for yourself in simple, easy to use steps.  He discusses the common misconception that you need confidence to succeed and why this is fundamentally wrong as well as why many people give up shortly after starting out to achieve their resolutions.


5 golden rules are described to help set, work towards and achieve your goals and why it is vitally important to celebrate successes to enable you to go on to achieve even more.  To order this ebook module click here.


Monitor Your Progress – Ensuring You Hit Target


Monitor Your Progress final image as at 21052017Monitor Your Progress – Ensuring You Hit Target focuses on the methods the most successful salespeople use to evaluate their performance, learn and apply lessons and manage themselves to greater success.

This ebook focuses on:


  • The importance of picking a goal and focusing on it
  • Reviewing your progress, recording it and then using those records to ensure you evaluate and learn from your experiences and results to date
  • Building and using your sales funnel to see how successful you are in each stage of your sales process to help you identify and action areas for improvement
  • Managing your sales pipeline to ensure you close more sales, more often
  • Owning and using your sales pipeline to help you earn more money
  • Understanding and using the 3 M’s of management

To order this ebook module click here.


Writing Proposals That Sell


writing proposals that sell final image as at 27052017When we get the opportunity to offer our products and services to our customers (new or existing), it is important we portray the best possible case for choosing us and our products and services amongst any options our customer may have. And, whilst we may believe we do this in our day-to-day sales conversations and presentations many salespeople do themselves a massive dis-service at this time.

When submitting an offer too many of us do so in the form of a quotation. Such an offer typically comprises of; price, lead time, terms and conditions, and specification. We do this in the understanding we are giving our customers what they are asking for and believe in offering this information we are equipping them to make a decision (where they will hopefully choose us!) What we often don’t realise is this document is actually presenting our customer with more reasons not to buy, than reasons why they should. It is for this reason that so many quotes don’t turn into orders – not only for us but also for our competitors as well. They are the vast number of projects that get ‘shelved’, put on hold or can’t get budget approval and what is worse is that we will have helped that situation occur.


Learn how successful salespeople avoid this trap, build desire in their prospects’ minds and demonstrate their value turning opportunities into sales where mere mortal salespeople fail.  To order this ebook module click here.


The Negotiation Process and Identifying Our Variables


Negotiating final image as at 20052017Negotiation is a process we use to resolve differences between a customer and ourselves when looking to agree on how we can do business together. It can be defined as a method of working towards and reaching an agreement when we are starting from different (opposing) starting positions. For the majority of salespeople it is often treated as a case of identifying starting positions, splitting the difference and agreeing to meet half way, even though this is often not the best result for either party. We must ultimately remember we need to make a fair and reasonable profit when selling our products and services.


In The Negotiation Process and Identifying Our Variables Trentham Whitmore discusses when to negotiate and walks you through a 6 step negotiation process to help you and your customers achieve a Win:Win resulting in higher numbers and value of sales.  To order this ebook module click here.


The Language of Business 


language of business final image as at 21052017Every industry has its own jargon and terminology specific to its products – its own language. In order to succeed therefore in an industry it is of the utmost importance we learn to speak its language as quickly as we can.  In my own dealings with various industries being able to ‘speak the language’ fluently was essential to winning orders, not just the small ones but the larger ones also … those really worth winning!


Discover how to build credibility and be seen as one of your customer’s peers, demonstrating that you comprehend better what they do and that you are interested, which in turn his will win you points against our competition.  Learn how to use the language of business to your advantage as well as avoiding one of the most common mistakes salespeople make in a competitive situation.  To order this ebook module click here.


Move Along Please – Mapping Out Your Own Sales Cycle


mapping out your own sales cycle final image as at 22052017Winning is a habit.  Every salesperson, every sales manager, every company should map out our own sales cycle; the journey we and our prospects take to get from enquiry or first contact to order – so we can get there more often and more easily. We need to identify the critical steps and actions we need to take to make our sales conversations progress from the moment of first contact to an order (and beyond).


The sales cycles demonstrates the route between initial contact with a prospect (incoming to us as an enquiry or outgoing to them from our prospecting) and an order is a simple series of defined steps. Our job as salespeople is to ensure the project keeps on progressing through the steps until they get to the point of deciding to commit to us and therefore our minimum objective in every contact with the prospect is to move the project on to the next stage.

The benefit of having the process mapped out is it means we don’t really have to think about what we are doing, it is already predetermined. Therefore at each stage we can prepare for and create the opportunity to seamlessly move from one stage to another and by doing this, we automatically improve our chances of succeeding.  To order this ebook module click here.


What It Takes to Succeed 


what it takes to succeed final image as at 27052017Having studied a wide range of successful people intensively for more than 25 years I have discovered 26 traits that exist and help those people achieve more.  Irrespective whether they were in business, sports, education or parenting I have recognised that the people I researched, evaluated and modelled all have these traits in common, and that more importantly, by using these traits, anyone can be more successful at whatever they want to be.



The traits themselves are present to various degrees in all of the people I have researched and worked with, except where circumstances dictated that certain elements were not necessary.  With this ebook you can get started on achieving all you wish immediately.  What are you waiting for – act now!  To order this ebook module click here.