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Nobody Wears Shoes Here!

A shoe manufacturer finds itself with sales having plateaued.  Despite their best efforts there is no growth to be found in their existing markets.  So looking to kickstart growth the Sales Director decides they have to look at new markets.  … Continue reading

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You’ve Got To Put In The Miles If You Want To Win Gold

Certain stories stay with you.  One in particular for me came from an interview I heard Sebastian Coe give about his rivalry with Steve Ovett.  During the 1980’s Coe and Ovett were two of the best middle-distance runners in the … Continue reading

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Wow … That Is A Beautiful Potato; It Must Be Worth A Fortune! The Importance Of Plan B

How are you getting the message across that your product/service has real value for your prospects and customers alike? Do you struggle to do this, especially in a world where technical advantages can be eroded in next to no time? … Continue reading

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“How Do You Know You’ve Been Successful?”

Sitting with a group of senior managers of a new prospective client I was asked how I knew I had been successful in training a sales team. I acknowledged it was an interesting question and asked what type of answer … Continue reading

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How Dress Down Day Worked For Me

I had been working on breaking into a major competition account and had visited them a number of times when they introduced ‘dress down Fridays’.  This involved the usual formal attire of business suits and ties making way for smart … Continue reading

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Whatever It Takes To Succeed!

I’m a competitive person.  I love winning and so I suppose a career in selling is something that befits my D.N.A. Don’t get me wrong though, I can take losing so long as I lose to someone better than me … Continue reading

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“The Company That Does Not Obsolete Its Own Products Runs The Risk of Becoming Extinct Itself”

A client of mine was telling me how his customers are always trying to commoditise what he does.  Whilst his company spends time, money and effort developing solutions to their problems and they start to do repeat business, he told … Continue reading

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