“How Do You Know You’ve Been Successful?”

Sitting with a group of senior managers of a new prospective client I was asked how I knew I had been successful in training a sales team. I acknowledged it was an interesting question and asked what type of answer the manager was looking for. She told me to quantify what number out of a group of 12 salespeople had to apply and have success from what I’d shared with them.

ducks odd one out“1” I said. “Only 1! Why so low?”

“Because if 1 person can listen, hear and apply something from a day’s worth of knowledge, skills, tools, disciplines and techniques I share with them, then so can the other 11. I cannot make them do it though, they have to want to do it; to be motivated to work on applying it and improving. Whilst I will have a short-term effect (as do all external trainers, speakers, etc…) long lasting benefit only comes from within the individual wanting to do it and be more successful. The only other way is for those 11 to be managed to change”, (which again needs repeated, even continuous attention … and even then it may or may not work).

I explained that it all came down to the old cliche about there being 3 types of people and … I won their business. Funny really; when they started off by saying 1 out of 12 was a low success rate!

3 types of peopleThe 3 types of people according to the old cliche are:

– those that make things happen (the 1 who acted in the scenario above) – invariably these are the most successful in the long run as they are self-motivated to succeed
– those that watch things happen (and can potentially be managed to improve but are likely to need regular if not continuous coaching and encouragement) – these have limited success potential
– those that wonder what happened! (Coaching and managing won’t really help unfortunately as ultimately they aren’t particularly interested in anything other than being paid!)

If you are someone who makes things happen you’ll know there’s always something to be learned and gained and that action and application will deliver results. My range of ebooks in the wit2s program will help you improve and develop What it Takes to Succeed in selling. Each module can stand alone (I.e. Objection Handling) or can be combined to give a 360 degree sales development program. You can invest a skill/discipline at a time giving you the opportunity to understand, assess and improve each area at your own pace. To see the range click this link to visit our ebook module page. To understand what you’ll get from them read my blog post There’s Always Something to be Learned in Selling.

I wish you every success!


About trenthamwhitmore

Salesperson, trainer, author, speaker, student and forever curious about what makes top performing salespeople so much more successful than their contempories.
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