Whatever It Takes To Succeed!

I’m a competitive person.  I love winning and so I suppose a career in selling is something that befits my D.N.A.
Don’t get me wrong though, I can take losing so long as I lose to someone better than me rather than as a result of me not doing things to the best of my ability and when I lose to someone better it spurs me in to improve myself and raise my game.
So when it came to selling I would do (and still do) a whole host of things to make me that bit better, in the knowledge that those ‘bit betters’ would make a considerable difference (which I have found to be true).  Whilst some of these things may seem trivial at first look I thought I’d share them with you:

  1. shoesEvery day I’d make sure I polished my shoes and carry a cloth with me to ‘buff’ them up so they always looked as good as they could for every sales call
  2. I avoided eating spicy food or anything that would have garlic in it between Sunday and Friday evening so I never had a breath issue
  3. I carried a grip exercise gadget with me and used it every morning to strengthen my handshake so it was as as firm as it needed to be to give the best first impression
  4. On days where I knew I was in a final meeting stage where the opportunity to close a sale would take care I would wear my lucky tie and cuff links (I usually wear double cuff shirts as I think they look more professional and polished (nothing jokey though!)
  5. I learned to tie a full Windsor knot in my tie as it has always looked more ‘classy’ to me
  6. I would always ensure I listened to motivational speeches and autobiographies of successful people in my car and when I didn’t always motivating, uplifting music
  7. what it takes to succeed final image as at 27052017I would always read for a minimum of 15 minutes in the morning before going off to work. Again this would typically be business related or an autobiography of a winner or better still, an autobiography of a super successful entrepreneur or business guru
Simple things I know.  My desire to win though meant that I did something with them that many don’t … I persisted in doing them and the increased results and earnings followed.
I trust this helps and wish you every success in all you do!

About trenthamwhitmore

Salesperson, trainer, author, speaker, student and forever curious about what makes top performing salespeople so much more successful than their contempories.
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