Snow Shovels

snow shovelOne day there was heavy snowfall in an area and a man realises his drive will be blocked and inaccessible for his car.  He remembers seeing snow shovels being sold at a store local to him and when he gets there he finds everybody in the neighbourhood must’ve had the same idea and they’ve sold out.

He gets back in his car goes down the road to a smaller store who have this page in stock he grabs one, goes inside to purchase it and is asked for $20 by the store owner.  “What?” says the man.  “I’ve come from the store down the road and there they sell these for $15!  You’re charging too much for them!”

“May I ask,” says the store owner, “why you wish to buy one from us in that case?”

“Well, I’m here to buy one from you because they don’t have any.  But their’s are only $15 and yours is $20.”

“Well … when we don’t have any in stock they’re $15 here as well,” says the store owner. “When we do however, they’re $20.”

What’s your story?  The store owner in the store is making the case that there is a premium to be had for holding the stock and having it available for the customer when they need it.  They make the case that anybody can sell them for a low price as a result of buying them in bulk.  If their planning means that they run out of stock though when the goods aren’t available for customers at $15 it’s not a good deal, and especially not a good deal for the person who needs one immediately.

Do you know the value of your product and service?  Understand it, justify it and be proud of it.

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About Trentham Whitmore

Salesperson, trainer, author, speaker, student and forever curious about what makes top performing salespeople so much more successful than their contempories.
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