Hey Good Looking … Fancy a Sale?!?

Here’s a controversial start to a blog post for you … the better you look, the more sales you’ll make!
Politically correct or not … in my experience it’s true.  It all boils down to human nature; we prefer to spend our time with good looking people than unattractive people.
Ooh … You Look Nice!
business womanMale salespeople and female prospects flirt with each other, as do female salespeople and male customers.  Equally people of the same sex flirt with good looking counterparts of the same sex, irrespective of our sexual orientation.  It’s just good old human nature, whether we intend to or not.
The good news for many of us though isn’t that we have to look like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts or Megan Fox; it just means we need to make an effort to look as good as we can.  Our grooming, clothing, hygiene and general presentation are all things we can pay attention to and reap the rewards from, irrespective of our genetic disposition.

Dress sharper than the average salesperson, take more effort in your personal presentation and your prospects and customers will pay you more attention.  There is something in the human psyche that wants to be associated with someone and/or something beautiful.  Where this is a choice human beings more often than not are inclined to pick the best looking option.  Psychiatrists discovered centuries ago that the human mind can’t distinguish between reality and a lie, it just accepts what it is presented with and when it comes to how something or someone looks, then the better it looks; the better it must be.  This applies to the salesperson as much as the product itself.
It’s well worth investing a little time appraising yourself and your presentation.  What do your clothes look like?  How about your personal grooming?  What about your make up … and your shoes?  Give yourself a mark out of 10, with 10 being drop dead gorgeous (as good as it can be), 5 being average and 1 being in need of a makeover.  And whilst you’re at it how are your shoes looking?
Can You See Your Face in Your Shoes?
shoesShoes say a lot about a person.  If they’re clean, better still if they’re polished, it suggests you are ready and prepared for whatever may come at you.  If you’ve taken the time to clean and polish them; if that’s the sort of attention to detail you pay then people automatically conclude that you are more likely to pay good attention to and prepare well for the things you will supply to them.  Importantly they should also compliment the try of your ensemble and not be too outlandish and extrovert.
‘Clothes Maketh The Man’ (and The Woman Too!)
There is an old saying that our clothes make us what we are; in other words if we look the part then we must be the part!  Sounds crazy but perception is everything.  In sales we are subject to the the first impressions our prospects and customers get of us.  Before we present our products / services, before we extol our benefits and advantages and before we even say a word the first impression we have made with our appearance is either working for us or against us.  Our clothes don’t necessarily have to be expensive or the highest quality and logos aren’t so important , rather it’s a case of them being clean, well cared for and coordinated.  After all, if we can’t be bothered to take care of them how can our prospects believe we will take care of looking after their best interests?
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!
By grooming I refer to hair, facial hair and makeup.  Irrespective of the style you have it is important it is kempt, as opposed to unkempt.  Attention to this is paramount just as it is for birds and animals to get noticed.  As salespeople we are asking customers to give us time and the best way to do that, as any successful animal or bird will tell you is to be well preened.  We need to show off and highlight our features to the best of our abilities and make the most of what we have.
Countless pieces of research tell us that when we pay attention to looking our best, to looking good more often than not we also end up feeling good. And when we feel positive about ourselves we are more likely to feel good about what we do and have to offer.  Nothing is more infectious in selling than feeling good about ourselves, our products and what they can do for our prospects and customers.
Never Hire an Ugly Salesperson!
I remember my first sales director telling me he made it a policy to hire attractive salespeople.  “They have a better chance of success because people want to be with them,” he said.  As we all know, when prospects want to be with us, the more time they’ll give us and the more opportunity we’ll have to find out what presses their ‘hot buttons’ and turns them on.  Who knows … with all of the attention we will pay to looking good and feeling good … it just may be us!

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Salesperson, trainer, author, speaker, student and forever curious about what makes top performing salespeople so much more successful than their contempories.
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