The Only Reason Why a Sales Contact Should Occur

proactiveWhy should we carry out a sales activity?  The only reason a sales contact activity should take place (whether it be via a face-to-face visit, phone call, email, etc…) is to effect progress.  Progress that is in terms of:

  • Creating an opportunity and starting a sales conversation
  • Moving a sales conversation along
  • Bringing a sales conversation to a close
  • Developing and building a relationship

When you’re planning your selling day and thinking about what you can do, if the result of a contact activity is likely to be that things will be as they were before you made it then you either need to change your objective for the activity, or do something else.

Ensure you have the information, knowledge and details ready and that you’re prepared to succeed in all you do.

Equally, when you have made a contact ask yourself what you achieved with it?  Note the contact activities where you achieve progress and understand what you did, then do more of it.  Conversely, when you didn’t achieve it understand why, determine what you could have done better and then make the change.

winAs the old saying says, “The only thing failure can’t live with is persistence!”  And when you persist in progressing sales conversations and opportunities you’ll find that the only thing you can do is succeed.

I wish you every success!

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About trenthamwhitmore

Salesperson, trainer, author, speaker, student and forever curious about what makes top performing salespeople so much more successful than their contempories.
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