Virtual Reality – The Art of Pitching and Presenting So Your customer Gets It

microsoft-legendary-youtube-screenshotI’ve just been reading an article about Microsoft’s HoloLens hologram headset technology that permits users to see virtual reality and I found myself thinking about how many salespeople could do with something similar to help them present and demonstrate their products and services to their customers and prospects alike.

The technology is amazing … I imagine it will require certain hardware and software though as well as the obvious headset and for some salespeople and some companies, particularly small businesses and new start-ups that may be out of reach, at least for now.  The good news is though that you can do this anyway and, in truth salespeople should be doing this all of the time when they are presenting or pitching.

Our job is to get to know enough about our prospects and customers and their needs, to know about our products and services and marry the two together.  Where there is a need that our products and/or services fulfil where we can describe them in terms that are clear, lucid and simple to understand we can help the prospect and customer visualise themselves using and benefitting from what we have to offer.

cutlery-new-product-datasheet-pictureWe need to use the terms our prospects use (I call this The Language of Business) so they don’t have to waste time and energy translating from what they call it (i.e. a ‘spoon’) and what we call it (i.e. a ‘stirring device’ (thanks for the ‘weird’ name on the product literature goes out to our marketing and product development colleagues!).  In doing this we can lose our prospects’ interest and attention so we need to give a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!).

As well as speaking their language, we need to ensure we pick references our prospects’ can easily and quickly associate themselves with, where possible use their logos and brand names in our pitch and get them to interact with us via questions, demonstrations and solicit feedback.  It’s a little effort  that rewards us exponentially and clearly sets apart the elite salespeople from the ‘average Joes’.

Get it right and we help our prospects see themselves choosing us, feel good about us and better still they’ll be asking us how quickly we can supply!

Use a salesperson’s version of virtual reality well and you’ll find yourself with more prospects wanting to do business with you and more success.


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To see the Microsoft HoloLens technology in use with Legendary, the film and television company click here:

For more information on the Microsoft HoloLens technology click here:


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