Would You Like Fries With That?

We can spend enormous amounts of time selling something to somebody and leave money on the table by not cross-selling an applicable add-on.

fast foodIf you find you are guilty of the then need to take a leaf out of the fast food business’ selling manual.  Order a burger, chicken sandwich or whatever and you’re asked if you would like to turn that into a meal.   Then to top it off they up-sell the cross-sell by asking if you’d like to ‘go large’.  Before you know it a snack turned into a meal and for the retailer $2 turned into $4 or $5!

The best of it is that their customers don’t mind, we even appreciate the suggestion.  It’s like they’re doing us a favour.

Fries and a drink are the obvious complimentary products and so the chances of a ‘Yes’ are extremely high.  And should the vendor’s recommendation be refused there’s no offence taken.  So why is it that so many salespeople don’t offer additional, complimentary products and services?  For many doing so can feel like we’re being pushy.  The key to cross-selling and up-selling is to make applicable and appropriate suggestions.

nut and boltI recall in my first official selling role selling fasteners (bolts, screws, etc…) I worked for a company where we didn’t sell many nuts compared to the amounts of bolts we supplied yet in most cases every bolt needs a nut to secure it.  My colleagues who had worked there for years told me that the reason for this was that we were relatively expensive compared to other suppliers.  In light of this the nut price lists were strategically positioned at the back of the price list.   Strangely though I found because I offered them I sold more than they did.  On becoming sales manager I made a radical change and put the nut price list on the page adjacent to the bolts so everyone asked our customers if they needed any and surprise, surprise … the entire team sold more!

Identify your complimentary products to cross-sell and up-sell and then go for it!  As a result you’ll sell more, increase your average order value and you’ll do so without having to necessarily spend lots more time doing it.


About trenthamwhitmore

Salesperson, trainer, author, speaker, student and forever curious about what makes top performing salespeople so much more successful than their contempories.
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