Just Hold On A Minute Mrs Customer … There’s Someone More Important Than You I Need To Speak With

mobile phone imageI don’t know if it is due to younger people not having so much respect as other generations did, the increasing integration of mobile phones into everyday life or a combination of both. I can’t help noticing nowadays though just how many times in a sales call a salesperson leaves their mobile phone switched on and worse still, that they answer it to someone else whilst they are in a sales call.


I’ve sat with salespeople who answer it to colleagues, other customers, friends, family and even take cold calls from someone wanting to sell something to them! The same applies to texts and emails.


I appreciate we live in the age of communication, where practically everyone can reach anyone at any time. It is also a time when we expect everyone to answer all of the time … but why should we?

The golden rule in dealing with another person in any form of a relationship (and selling is a form of a relationship) is to make them feel important, make them feel special. And the best bit is that it has never been easier to do so.  We can communicate with them at practically any time.  If we can’t speak directly with them we can leave a message or send them a text or email and they can reciprocate in the same ways with us.  Which then begs the question, “Why leave the phone switched on in a sales call?” Whether we intend to or not, leaving it on and it ringing, beeping or whatever it does to interrupt us tells our prospects and customers that they are at best one of a crowd (which leaves them feeling unimportant).  Worse still, when we answer it, we’re effectively telling them they are less important and less special than the caller, which may not be the case at all.  That though is the message we’ll send out and once send there is no erasing it.  Whilst I appreciate for many of the people I have witnessed do this over the years this was never their intention this is what they are doing, it is a consequence of modern life.  Many are embarrassed when I point it out and others are mortified.


mobile phone off imageMake your prospects and customers feel important (as they are), let them know you are there to serve them and give them your fullest attention. Before you go into a call, switch the phone off (or at least switch it on silent mode), let your caller leave a message and call them back promptly after your sales visit if it is important, or schedule a call back according to the caller’s priority to you.


In doing this and in being made to feel important you’ll find your customers are more likely to treat you the same way and do more business with you.

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