Of Course I’m Gonna Win … I’m Rocky (freekin’) Balboa!

rockyWhen I was growing up my father took me to the cinema to watch Rocky III. I sat mesmerised watching Rocky Balboa go from being world heavyweight champion, to learning that his fights as champion had been handpicked and then being battered by Clubber Lang, the No.1 contender his ageing trainer wanted him to avoid.  Rocky then went through a period of incredible self-doubt and despair before his wife told him not to be afraid and give it his best shot, whatever happened, win or lose.  Rocky regained the eye of the tiger (the hunger to win) and faced Lang for the rematch.  I was transfixed and immediately became a Rocky fan not only just for that night, but for the rest of my life.


I was 13 years old when I saw that film for the first time, needless to say I have seen it just a few more times since. Without knowing though the film had and continues to have an incredible impact on me and my self-belief and on what I think I can achieve, the effect of which was only truly realised some years later, realised through the use of visualisation; the ability to see one’s self successful.

Moving forward some years I listened to stories of successful people in history and some of the things they did and they also had a tremendous impact on me. One such example is how successful people use visualisation and a particular story that springs to mind is that of Conrad Hilton, the hotelier who for many years before he ever opened his first hotel used to visualise himself opening his hotel, how it looked, how it felt and how he would be as the businessman running it.  And Hilton wasn’t the only one; more recently Beyonce realised an album with 2 discs one of which she was billed as a Sasha Fierce; her alter ego that she would become to give her confidence on stage and performing.  David Bowie had created a number of alter egos and also did very well from it.


determinationJoining the dots of events that had happened to me, things I had learned and seen I decided I could use this to my advantage for selling. Whenever I was heading for an important sales call; one where there was a large potential sale, an important customer, a particularly difficult hurdle to overcome, etc.. I would ensure I arrived early with a few minutes of time to do a little visualisation.  I would see the opportunity as my Clubber Lang and I was Rocky Balboa.  I would picture the opportunity in my mind and see the desired result at the end (fast forwarding through the movie in my mind).  As Rocky Balboa any self-doubt, worry or concerns I may have had about my ability were outweighed by my belief that Rocky could and would win through.  A few minutes is all I ever needed and then I was ready to go.  As I’m writing this I’ve a wry smile on my face as I can still feel now how I did on every one of the occasions I have used (and still use) the technique on.  I can promise you it works; I even end up fist pumping and shadow boxing on occasions it gets me so fired up.


If you’ve never done it you’re missing a trick. Find your version of Rocky Balboa and if you need to, you can even share Rocky with me.  I wish you all the success you crave and will sign off this post as I’m … Gonna Fly Now!



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Salesperson, trainer, author, speaker, student and forever curious about what makes top performing salespeople so much more successful than their contempories.
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