Is Selling For Me?

I am a selling evangelist … I love it! For me sales is the best job in the world and you can often catch me espousing the virtues of being a professional salesperson to anyone who’ll listen.  Over the years though I have lost count of the number of times I have been approached by people thinking of getting a job in selling and asking me what it is like.  In many cases, they have already formed their own ideas and too often they only see what they perceive as the ‘easy-life’ bits:

  • Nobody watching over their shoulder telling them what to do all of the timesuit image
  • The pressure-free and hassle-free chance to determine their own schedule and to go where they want to and when they want to
  • The chance to keep their hands clean, wear nice clothes (a suit!) and to ‘swan around’ in a company expensed car
  • Socialising with people and getting paid for making friends

Whether it is a case of naivety or just that people don’t really know what to expect the majority of people that have asked me what selling is like have a very ‘rose tinted’ view.


When asked, my answers are usually along the lines of:

  • If you want to succeed then you have to become the worker and also your own manager with you watching yourself and needing to demand more from yourself than anyone else ever could do
  • Yes … you do determine where you will go and when – again though if you want to be successful it usually involves going to more places and working longer hours than the average worker does
  • Nice clothes and nice cars are great – the more though you want to succeed the more prepared you have to be to roll your sleeves up, get stuck in and make the effort to go where you have to in order to find and develop opportunities; whether they come to you or you develop them yourself
  • Whilst a benefit can be the social side and making new friends and acquaintances some people just want to keep it to the minimal facts and aren’t interested in getting to know you at all. Everyone is different and to be successful you need to deal with as many different types of character as you can, even those you wouldn’t necessarily choose to spend your time with

Of all the pieces of advice I can ever give however I would say the most important I think I can ever give someone considering a career in selling is the one about resilience and robustness. I explain to people that whilst the goal is to get as many ‘YES’s as they can, invariably they will also get a considerable number of ‘NO’s and for me the people who make it in sales and realise it is the best and most enjoyable job in the world are those who can best handle the ‘NO’s.  I usually tell them that the number of ‘YES’s and ‘NO’s will be disproportionate with the ‘NO’s considerably outweighing the ‘YES’s.  Even the best salespeople I’ll say experience more ‘NO’s than ‘YES’s – that’s just how it is!


So if you are wondering if selling is for you then you need to ask yourself that if you odd one out imagethink you can take 99 ‘NO’s, get 1 ‘YES’ and get more enjoyment and satisfaction from the 1 ‘YES’ than you do dissatisfaction and demotivation from the 99 ‘NO’s then you should do it … you’ll love it! And if you can’t get more from the 1 ‘YES’ than you do from the 99 ‘NO’s  I recommend you don’t even do it as where that is the case you’ll find it the hardest job in the world!

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Salesperson, trainer, author, speaker, student and forever curious about what makes top performing salespeople so much more successful than their contempories.
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